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Founded in 1999, Haydn Consulting Ltd. works in the aerospace, automotive, marine, rail transport and nuclear sectors. Haydn Consulting has many years experience providing innovative research and products for companies such as Formula 1 Racing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Goodrich and the MoD. Haydn Consulting Ltd. are renowned for their creative design and rapid development cycles.

Professor Haydn Thompson, BSc, PhD. CEng has 25 years experience working in a mixture of senior industrial research and development roles in flight control systems, space programmes and radar signal processing applications for leading companies. From 1993- Feb. 2013 he was the Programme Manager of the Rolls-Royce Control and Systems University Technology Centre. Currently he is Managing Director of Haydn Consulting Ltd. as well as being a founder and owner of THHINK Wireless Technologies Ltd. (UK) and THHINK Wireless Technologies (Japan) Ltd which specialises in robust, ultra low power embedded wireless sensors, energy harvesting and custom platforms for diagnostics, health monitoring and control. He is recognised and used by the European Commission as an expert in many fields and is a consultant to a range of companies and government bodies. He defines strategic technology roadmaps across Europe and for companies such as Rolls-Royce.

He has over 100 publications on applications of distributed systems, multi-disciplinary multi-objective optimisation, gas turbine engine control, fault diagnosis and health monitoring, wireless communications, energy harvesting, rapid prototyping and co-simulation. He has also written two books on gas turbine engine control. He is, or has been, a member of the International Federation of Automatic Controlís (IFAC) International Aerospace Control, Mechatronics and Real-Time Computing and Control Committees being chair of Embedded Systems, the Institution of Electronic and Electrical Engineers Aerospace Committee, and IET representative on the Learned Society Board of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

In addition to running many research programmes with Rolls-Royce working on key programmes, Professor Thompson was the co-ordinator for the European Union funded IST FLEXICON project, led work on the More Electric Aircraft in the Airbus/EU MOET project and led two consortia of 4 Universities in the WICAS and SWIFT projects with Airbus. He has also run successful research programmes with Network Rail developing self-powered wireless sensor technologies for infrastructure monitoring.

Daniela Ramos-Hernandez, CEng, has 10 years experience in a variety of research and development projects. Originally an IBM trained computing engineer working for major banks in Mexico she decided to pursue a career in research and development gaining a PhD in 1999 in heterogeneous parallel processing in the UK. Following this she worked on research projects with BICC in process control integration for manufacturing and was Technical Coordinator of the EU funded FLEXICON project managing 5 partners across Europe. In this project control and wireless monitoring systems were developed with Rolls-Royce Marine for future fast ships. She later joined the Strategic Research Centre of Rolls-Royce Aerospace working within the Information Engineering Team as a Staff Technologist investigating and implementing new Intelligent Techniques for Engine Health Monitoring. During this time she worked on the DTi funded projects such as BROADEN and HECToR and was the Programme Manager for Engine Health Monitoring of Unmanned Air Vehicles on the ASTRAEA DTi project, as well as the Programme Manager of a Safety and Reliability project. Following this she became a Systems Engineer at Aero Engine Controls Ltd. a joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Goodrich Aerospace. Daniela has a wealth of experience in condition monitoring and digital signal processing and is a consultant to the European Union.

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