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Expertise Areas


·         Technology assessment and definition of strategic roadmaps

·         Hardware and software for advanced monitoring and control systems

·         Fault tolerant systems

·         Architecture design

·         Distributed systems

·         Health Monitoring systems on-condition and predictive

·         Databus technologies (copper-wired, glass and plastic fibre optic)

·         Wireless monitoring and control systems

·         Energy harvesting technologies vibration, thermal, solar, RF

·         Mobile communications (GSM,GPRS,EDGE,3G,UMTS,HSDPA,VHF,UHF and Satellite)

·         Multi-core processor and signal processing technologies

·         FPGA technologies

·         Integrated circuit reliability

·         Advanced sensor technologies and MEMs

·         Nanotechnologies

·         Modelling and co-simulation

·         Control system design

·         Multi-objective optimisation

·         Cost modelling of Life Cycle Costs

·         Product Family definition

·         Certification Aerospace, Marine, Nuclear

·         Analysis of business opportunities

·         Systems of Systems

·         Mixed Criticality Systems

·         Automated and adaptive manufacturing

·         Technology analysis and project review

·         Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

·         More Electric Aircraft Technologies

·         Staged combustion systems

·         Radar systems


     Haydn Consulting Engineers have worked on a number of key programmes


·         Aerospace Sector: Tornado, Eurofighter, JAS-39, SAAB 2000, Apache Helicopter, Control Technology Programme, HiPECS, Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter, A380, More Electric Aircraft, BROADEN, DAME, Boeing 777, Boeing Dreamliner and ASTRAEA


·         Marine Sector: ship automation systems, marine gas turbine engines, waterjet technologies, azimuth thrusters and the design of reactor control systems for nuclear submarines


·         Energy Sector: industrial gas turbine engines, wind turbines, solar technologies and nuclear power stations


·         Automotive Sector: Ford, Jaguar and Formula 1 racing


·         Rail: Network Rail infrastructure monitoring and introduction of wind and solar energy harvesting technologies for powering stations


·         Space: Columbus Programme


Haydn Consulting is leading the Working Group on Transport and Logistics in the EU Funded Cyber Physical Systems of Systems (CPSoS) project. The aim of this project is to define a Strategic Roadmap and help define the Strategic Research Agenda in this area for the European Commission. For more information see

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